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Rice pot is about everything in the pot and more.

Recipes with rice which there are so many rice recipes we have tried all of them on this website and have given our own personal star rating

A unique feature to the rice pot is also our "menu" which creates your choice of meal-time prepared with you guessed it "rice". Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or snack, rice recipes on the fly.

Types of Rice

About The Rice Pot

Started as a restraunt, then redeveloped into the rice recipe database it is today.All recipes are tested and rated, but come from conributors like you!

So many civilations have survived solely on rice. It is the essential grain for many countries and comes in many varieties. From Brown Rice, to Rice Pilaf.

It is estimated that 1/5 of all calories consumed are rice.

It time to know How to cook rice

Facts about Rice and Rice Nutrition