Fried rice recipe

Required You need to pre-cook the rice you use in thise recipe, and ideally chilled. Head over to How to cook rice first if you do not have rice ready for frying up!
  1. Fry Pan, Wok, any open pan that allows for movement and adding of ingredients. Into goes butter
  2. Let the butter melt and throw your rice on it
  3. Now it is about getting the butter, and rice to texturize and cook to what we know as fried rice. I prefer to let mine go a bit longer but once you have a nice color it is time to add ingredients
  4. Add some Hoisin sauce or soy sauce to add sweet or salt to the taste
  5. Throw in vegetables to have a vegetable fried rice
  6. That is pretty much all there is to frying rice

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So many civilations have survived solely on rice. It is the essential grain for many countries and comes in many varieties. From Brown Rice, to Rice Pilaf.

It is estimated that 1/5 of all calories consumed are rice.

It time to know How to cook rice

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